Job Training

STEP Job Training

STEP offers a continuum of employment opportunities to meet individual interests and support needs. From a completely independent job to a more supported career option, STEP works with each person to find a match to meet employment goals.

A STEP client smiles as he works at McDonalds

Work Teams

We contract with local and regional businesses to offer our clients a supported community work experience. Staff coaches work as part of the enclave team to provide cleaning services for area manufacturing and office facilities, sorting and processing of recyclable materials, hospitality and service industry workers, and other miscellaneous endeavors.

Work experience is a valuable commodity and confidence builder for people of all levels of ability.

On-Site Employment

STEP work areas in Browerville are flexible and adaptable to a variety of contract jobs. These include, but are not limited to, manufacturing Fire Starters from recycled materials; cutting strips from old jeans, stitching the strips, and weaving them into rugs; stuffing envelopes; folding and mailing newsletters; short-run jobs for area printers and manufacturers; and on-site care of the STEP facility.

Workers are paid by the hour or by piece rate. This income helps provide for their personal needs and support.

An employee readies the newspaper for shredding and use in STEP Firestarters
An employee shelves books at the STEP on in Thrift store in Staples.

Commercial Work Experience

Our four thrift store locations provide commercial retail work experience for our clients. Our staff and workers sort, clean, display, and sell the donated merchandise. Workers get to participate in a wide-variety of roles and have direct customer exposure. All proceeds from thrift store sales support STEP programs and services in all locations.



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Referral Application

People with disabilities who would like to join our program, or their representatives, are invited to contact us for information. Family members, social workers, group homes and other caring individuals may view the referral form linked here to see what details we'll need to plan the best services for each new client.