If you or your current employees are spending too much time on time-consuming, repetitive tasks, STEP may be your answer to creating more efficiencies in your work process.

STEP serves people of varying ability levels by offering them job training, coaching and work experience suited to their individual skills and talents. Through direct support and guidance, we assist them through their limitations which may be physical, developmental, or emotional.

Don't be fooled, though. Our clients enjoy working and learning new skills. Often, our clients can do more than most people think possible.

  • Commercial Retail
  • Cleaning Services
  • Assembly and Disassembly
  • Piece Work
  • Mailing and Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Gardening and Harvesting
  • Restaurants and Cafeterias

Grow your business

What can we do to assist your business? We will provide you a piece rate estimate or hourly bid. 

Two STEP clients enjoy working at McDonalds in Long Prairie, MN.

Your NEW employees!

Contracting with STEP is an economical option for your business that provides employment opportunities for disabled adults who want to work. Our employees benefit from a paycheck and the knowledge they are contributing members of their community. Their work experience may also lead them to regular employment within the communities where they live. 

Your highly-paid, skilled workers can now devote their time to jobs that need their expertise. Our workers handle your simpler tasks and are paid according to approved work guidelines, some of which are subsidized. This distribution of duties increases your business' efficiency and ability to grow.

A STEP contract is convenient and business-friendly. We handle all employment paperwork for its employees including deductions, benefits, unemployment, insurance, and liability provisions. 

Our contract process

The contract process begins with a tour of your facility or meeting with your production team. Our work development coordinator will analyze the potential business or manufacturing process to determine how it can be met by the skills of our clients. 

For example, a business manufactures a tool made of many parts. Those parts need to be prepackaged - seven screws, seven washers, seven widgets and seven wingdings in zip-seal bags. The packages are then made available to your skilled assemblers.

STEP creates a performance measure comparing the time it takes a regular worker to do the task and the time needed to accommodate workers with differing abilities. Work time and pay adjustments are made according to the results. A bid is submitted to you based on the completed performance measure. 

Our contracts spell out expectations, time frame, and delivery expectations. Job coaches ensure consistency of work and satisfaction for all involved.

A worker sorts Coin-Tainers on-site at STEP Browerville.

Our Business Partners

We are proud to work with the following businesses and to help them achieve their business goals.

Do you have a job for us? We would love to partner with your business as well.


Get the help your business needs, be more efficient, and support your community.